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 Analyzátor impedance

Novinka 6500B Series: 20Hz - 120 MHz

The 6500 series enables components to be quickly characterized up to 120 MHz at very high accuracy. Ideal choice for verification of passive component characteristics in the laboratory, production or test environments.

  • Precise high frequency impedance measurements
  • Characterize components up to 120 MHz
  • Fast measurement speed
  • 0.05% basic measurement accuracy
  • C, L, R, X, G, B, D, Q, Z, Y, Ř
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Easy to use with large TFT touch screen
  • Graphical swept measurements using the Analysis mode
  • Traditional LCR Meter mode for single and repetitive measurements
  • Fully programmable over GPIB
  • Keyboard and mouse control option
  • Unbeatable price
prospekt 6500B series

LCR měřiče a analyzátory impedance

Analyzátory transformátorů

Analyzátory indukčností
 C, L, Z, Y, X, B, Rac, Rdc, G, Q, D, Ř, Resonant Frequency, Graphical Sweep, Multi-frequency Capacitor, Binning, GPIB, RS-232.

4265 4270 4300
6430B 6440B
6505B 6510B 6515B 6520B 6530B 6550B 65120B  


C, L, Z, Rac, Rdc, Q, D, Ř,  Primary L+Q, Primary Leakage Inductance, Secondary Leakage Inductance, Interwinding Capacitance, Turns Ratio, DC Bias, Sequence Test, Binning, GPIB

3255BL 3255B 3255BQ
3265B/5A 3265B/10A
3265B/25A 3265BQ/25A

L, C, R, Rdc, Q, D, Ř, DC Bias, Sequence Test, Binning, GPIB

Armature Resistance, Tang Weld, Stator Resistance, Hipot, Surge, SPC/Cpk

3255BL 3255B 3255BQ
3265B/5A 3265B/10A
3265B/25A 3265BQ/25A 3261A

Impulse / Surge Test

High Voltage, Waveform Area Size, Differential Area Size, Flutter Value, Corona Value, Waveform Comparison, Learn Component, RS-232